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This site used to be called SEJARAH, an integrated part of our family's site Tanjong Pura, which provides histories and related notes to our family.

However, since we realized that it has generated more visitors on its own rather than from our family's side, and considering the importance of its existence to its own respective readers, then we decided to reorganize the whole contents and set it free - as a standing alone site - for those who truly interested in Malay's histories and its related culture.

We named it Serambi Melayu or Malay Terrace as we thought, in a way it appears to represent some basic information about Malay's histories and culture for those who would, perhaps, go searching deeper into the rich Malay's heritages.

This site opens for public to share and exchange information so that one may find the contents even more interesting. The site's texts are written in mixed; Bahasa Indonesia, a little bit of Bahasa Melayu, and English.

May it be of useful to you all!

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